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Car Rust Repair

Rust is your car’s worst nightmare – here’s how you can keep it safe

Everyone knows that rust is a problem – whatever situation it’s found in, it’s never a good sign. The thought of your car rusting is enough to send most people into a nervous breakdown, but it’s interesting that a lot of people don’t bother to treat an issue that causes a lot of car rust. You guessed it – it comes from paint chips and scratches!

If any damage to your car’s paintwork is left unattended, it can eventually lead to rust. A lot of people are unaware of this fact, and so they either ignore the paintwork damage, or they get it sorted out for aesthetics purposes; they want their car to look nice again. If everyone knew the damage ignoring paint chips could lead to, we’re sure everyone would be investing in a home touch up kit, to nip them in the bud every time they noticed one!

How do car paint chips turn into rust?

When a paint chip or scratch occurs, the paintwork separates from the car’s body, both obviously, as in the actual affected area, and less obviously in the surrounding area. It’s in this gap between paint and metal that car rust can begin to take hold. If the paint chip is left untreated, the water will enter into this gap and over time will combine with the metal to turn to rust.

This may be a worst case scenario, and luckily most paint chips are taken care of before it gets to this level. However, many people don’t realise that unattended paint chips can lead to such a severe situation, so it’s good to clarify the importance of touching up that paint when you notice it’s chipped!

What will happen to your car if it rusts?

Without wanting to sound too dramatic, car rust can eventually cause your car to fall apart. Once it starts to spread, it’s hard to keep track of until the damage is done, and it can lead to a huge, expensive bill to repair your car.

In short, if you don’t keep on top of your paintwork damage, there’s a chance you’ll end up shelling out for a new car. Now, doesn’t ordering a Chipex car paint touch up kit sound like a MUCH better idea?!

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