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Buick Paint Repair

Chipex® Buick Paint works so that even the most amateur car owner can carry out a paint repair, no matter if your color is Summit White or Sapphire Metallic. Precisely packaged, delivered fast and ready to be applied directly, Chipex is your top solution for chip repair. All necessary accessories are included along with basic instructions. We don’t stop there; we also offer a color match guarantee. We get it right, or we replace it.

How To Use Buick Chipex Paint

Chipex Paint is your ultimate solution for repairing chips on your Buick vehicle. Designed for even the most inexperienced car owners, this three-step process – paint, blend, and polish – makes it easy for anyone to achieve professional-quality results.

With Chipex Buick Paint, you can rest assured that your repair will be hassle-free. You don’t need to worry about finding the right accessories since all necessary tools are included in the package, along with simple instructions to guide you through the process.

Where To Find Your Buick Color Code

Finding your Buick paint code can be a little difficult to locate because each model and year tends to change the location. Please refer to our six different areas to check below:
– Inside the glove box compartment
– Within the trunk compartment of the car, either inside the compartment itself or in the spare tire well.
– On either the driver or passenger side of the car
– Below the driver side seat.
– In the wheelhouse of the front passenger tire.
– On the passenger side sun visor.

If you cannot find the Buick paint code / color name on the car, you can call your local dealer with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which you will find on the car or your log book / vehicle registration document, and they will be able to look it up on their internal database. The color code is usually preceded by BC/CC. So the color might be BC/CC 51 or BC/CC 316N.
Buick Color Location

Once you find your paint Code, Insert Code Here!

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