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Car and Truck Paint Chip and Scratch Repair

Driving is what your car is for, whether you drive it everyday for work or just take it out on the weekend for a cruise around town and through the countryside. Your paint can quickly start showing the wear and tear of the road, from flying rocks pinging off your paint and leaving nasty little chips to inconsiderate shoppers leaving their carts for the wind to send them sailing into your driver’s door. If your car has any miles on it, chances are it has imperfections in the paint. But what are going to do, get your car repainted every year? Sounds ridiculous just saying it but what if you had an affordable and easy way to touch up the paint yourself with factory-matched colors? Chipex has you covered with our state-of-the-art automotive touch up paint system.

Our car and truck paint chip and scratch repair kits come with everything you need to fix the nastiest paint chips, road dings, paint scuffs and scratches you can encounter. All of the automotive paint touch up kits come with a color match guarantee
that makes sure you get the touch up paint you need to blend the imperfections plaguing what should be your car’s perfect complexion. Combine these kits with our “how it works” information, tutorial videos, and paint touch up kit accessories
and you will find that you have a professional partner that is vested in restoring your car’s paint to its former glory.

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