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Q: Is this the best window cleaner for removing flies?

A: Standard windscreen products generally aren’t very effective at removing sticky flies and bugs from the glass and usually smear them. Chipex™ Aquaphobic window cleaner is different. It works by coating the glass in biodegradable water repellants every time you use the windscreen sprayers. This means the glass is now cleaned far more effectively and thoroughly when bugs, flies, and other road grime land on it. A piece of advice: for best results, always clean your windscreen well before starting to use Chipex Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling window cleaner, this way, it can coat the glass more thoroughly and work at its best.

Q: Does this screen wash work well in winter weather?

A: Chipex™ Aquaphobic window cleaner has anti-freeze properties and is designed to work down to temperatures of – 2˚C (28.4F). It is also perfect for cars with heated washer jet systems and heated windscreens! Winter weather means low sun glare and constant grime kicked up from salted, dirty roads, plus ice, snow, and rain showers. Chipex Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling window cleaner works superbly well by cutting through this grime highly effectively and then leaving behind a coating on the glass that easily removes the above-mentioned debris, snow, water, etc., ensuring visibility is constantly at its best, making for a safer and less stressful journey.

Q: Will this window cleaner remove glass sealants and coatings?

A: Unlike many other window cleaner products, Chipex™ screen wash includes rain-repellants that coat the screen and give it aquaphobic/hydrophobic qualities, only adding. While one generally avoids using window cleaner after glass sealant coatings have been applied because they can affect longevity and impact the effectiveness of these, there are times when they are needed, such as winter for the anti-freeze and heavy road grime from salt. Chipex will work alongside the sealant by adding its own hydrophobic coating on top every time you use the sprayers.

Q: Will this car shampoo remove wax or sealant coatings?

A: No. Chipex™ Super Concentrate Car Shampoo works superbly well in cleaning car paint and bodywork, and it is also pH-neutral and has chloride and salt-free formulation. It is highly effective at cleaning away dirt and grime and safe to use on bodywork coated with wax or sealant.

Q: Does this car shampoo leave streak marks behind on bodywork?

A: Watermarks, smearing, and streaks after washing your car are frustrating. You’ve just spent time effort cleaning it, only for it to look pretty awful afterward thanks to the marks as mentioned above. To minimize these, Chipex™ Super Concentrate Car Shampoo is made using an innovative and advanced formula, which includes a water softener to prevent salt chalking and watermarking as well as smears and streaks, giving your car a beautiful shine, whilst also adding an electrostatic coating to help reduce the road grime sticking to it, and making it easier to wash next time.

Q: How to clean a car using our car wash shampoo

  1. Rinse away as much dirt from the car bodywork as possible, using either a hosepipe spray gun or, preferably, a pressure washer.
  2. Use Chipex Triple Action Bugs Away to remove any heavy build-up of bugs/flies/bird dirt.
  3. Add approximately 23 ml of Chipex Super Concentrate Car Shampoo if using a standard-size 9-liter bucket, and fill with warm water. Our car shampoo is highly concentrated at a 1:400 dilution rate, so not much product is needed.
  4. Use a soft microfibre wash mitt (these are only around £5.00 and available at petrol stations, auto centers, etc.), give it a good dunking in the bucket of soapy water, then wash from the top of the car downwards, regularly rinsing the wash mitt in the soapy water. It’s important to wash the car in this order to decrease the risk of scratches: roof, bonnet, boot, glass, upper panels, lower panels, wheels. Never leave the suds to sit for very long, especially on warm days.
  5. Rinse the car off using your hosepipe spray gun or pressure washer, ensuring all the suds are gone.
  6. Dry off the car using a soft microfibre cloth.
  7. Finish off with Chipex Miracle Detailer for a high gloss finish and add a layer of protection to the paint.
  8. Stand back and admire your super-shiny car.

Q: How to use interior dash and trim cleaner

  1. Wipe over any heavily soiled trim areas (mud, spilled drinks/food, etc.) with a damp microfibre cloth to remove the worst of the dirt and grime.
  2. Vacuum away any dust, crumbs, and other things that are inside door pockets, cup holders, storage areas.
  3. Take a fresh microfibre cloth, spray Chipex Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner directly onto the cloth and wipe over the areas, turning the cloth over regularly. There is no need to buff the product away afterward as it is a simple spray-and-wipe process.
  4. Chipex Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner is solvent-free and is safe for use on all interior trim surfaces.
  5. Sit back and enjoy your clean car interior and the fresh, new-car fragrance our dash cleaner leaves behind.

Q: Does our dash and trim cleaner make the dashboard reflect in the windscreen?

A: Dashboard reflections in your car’s windscreen are both distracting and annoying, and especially so when the sun is out. Unlike some dash cleaners, which leave behind a high-gloss shine and a slightly sticky/greasy film that attracts dust, Chipex™ Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner not only cleans the surface and has antistatic properties but also gives a classy low-shine satin finish to trim, therefore cutting down on dash glare and reducing the amount of dust that would normally be attracted back to the surfaces.

Q: Is this dash cleaner a good price?

A: Our dash cleaner is economical in price and how much is needed to clean the interior. It is always best to wipe down heavily soiled areas with a damp cloth first, saving additional dash cleaner from being used. However, using only a couple of pumps of the Chipex™ Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner sprayer onto a microfibre cloth means it will cover a good-sized area, making it highly economical, saving you money and still leaving behind a clean, satin-finish and a fresh-car scent.

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