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Car Respray Cost vs Touch Up Paint

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If you’re proud of your car, and those ugly paint chips up front are starting to bug you, you’ll perhaps be thinking of having the bumper or bonnet resprayed.
Having your car resprayed, though, no matter the section or part, is a pain for more reasons than one. First up, you have to take time out to get the valuation. That means darting out at lunchtime at work or going on a weekend when you’d like to be relaxing in front of the TV or spending time with family or friends.

Right, you’ve got your evaluation, and after a stiff drink to steady the nerves and to have to push your eyeballs back after they’d popped out, it’s time to break down cost.

Respraying prices vary massively, and they largely depend on how skilled the painter is (the better the reputation, the more they’ll usually charge), how thorough a job you want doing, and also where you go to have it done. If a manufacturer-approved car dealership has its own booth, it will likely charge a lot because their hourly rate is high and high overhead costs.

Car Respray vs Touch Up Paint

If it’s a crash-damage repairer, they’ll also usually charge you large amounts, simply because they’re more interested in insurance jobs. If you go to an independent car resprayer, that’s usually your best bet for a lower price than those mentioned above.

Then there are various levels of car respraying, to go alongside the prices. A quick ‘flash over’ a panel will cost you a lot less than a proper job, where the panel and any trim are removed to get to every area thoroughly.

This, of course, takes time and therefore far more money taking into account labor costs. A lot of people forget that the actual paint itself can vary on price-per-liter too, so there’s that to bear in mind.

Going back to car respraying being a pain in the butt, you’ve got the quote from the sprayer, but they state if you remove the part yourself, it’ll cost less. Oh, and if you’ve got the means to prep the panel or part (as in rub it down with sandpaper and flat away/fill any low or high spots), that’ll be even cheaper.
That’s great – if you’ve got the skills, tools, time and indeed can be bothered to do it.
After all this, you’ve now got to weigh up if it’s worth spending hundreds or thousands on having the car parts sprayed. Can you afford it, will it add much value to the car when it comes to selling time, and is it worth it if the area will only end up being badly stone-chipped or damaged again a few months down the line?
We’re talking about paint chips here, which means the front bumper, bonnet, and wings. Surely it’s too far gone for a touch-up kit? Or say if it’s a supercar, or something precious, like a rare classic? In both cases, you’d perhaps think they could only be taken care of with a pricey spray job.

Well actually, the Chipex™ car touch-up paint system makes the unlikely possible. Well-respected detailing company The Ultimate Finish have used Chipex kits on some incredibly rare and extremely valuable cars, such as a 1960 Aston Martin DB4 and a 1963 Aston Martin DB5, plus supercars including a Audi R8 V10 and a Nero Daytona Black Ferrari 575M – all with amazingly good results.

Satisfied customers have sent in photographs of their nastily stone-chipped cars before and after, and regardless of the worth of the vehicle, the results are just as impressive.

Chipex™ offer a 100% paint match guarantee, and the kits make it easy to do the job yourself.

The cost difference between the Chipex™ kit and a car respray is simply worlds apart too. A front bumper respray can cost $150 – $300 and upwards, depending on the make, model or paint. A Chipex kit costs from just $49.95, and will mean the previously-chipped area is now sealed and protected from rust!

With Chipex™ kit prices much lower than sending to get resprayed, can you afford not to try this proven alternative to a respray? I’d rather have the extra cash…

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