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All the extras you might need for a professional job

Whilst our Touch Up Paint repair kits include all the basics you need, you may find you need extras to fix your particular scratch, chip or scuff. Here is all the extra car paint accessories, blending solution, polish, micro brushes and tools you might need.




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Pro Detailer 16 FL OZ / 500ML

Bodywork has a High Shine Gloss and rain repellent surface protection.

Super concentrate Shampoo 16 FL OZ / 500ML

A  sparkling shine every time.

Waterless Wash & Wax with Carnauba 32 FL OZ / 1 Litre

Exceptional car cleaner with powerful paint protection.

Seeing Red Wheel Cleaner

Removes the toughest dirt on wheels.

Aquaphobic Rain Repelling Windshield 32 FL OZ / 1 Litre

Stops rainwater build up on the wettest day.

Aquaphobic Rain Repelling Windshield Wash 5 FL OZ / 150 ml

Stops rainwater build up on the wettest day.

Pro Detailer & Windshield Wash

Pro Detailer will give your car an amazing shine and together with the Aquaphobic Windshield Wash your bodywork and windscreen will repel rain and reduce future re-soiling.

Triple Action Bugs Away 16 FL OZ / 500ML

This triple action spray works to quickly rehydrate bug remains making what was a difficult job an easy one. Simply-Spray-Wipe-Leave - and after 2 minutes the bugs can be washed away. Its easy.

Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner 16 FL OZ / 500ML

Your interior has a satin finish and new car fragrance.

Interior Cleaner and Pro Detailer

Save $3 when the two products are  bought together.

Single Paint 1 FL OZ / 30 ML

The perfect refill when you need more paint.


Chipex Blending Solution 1 FL OZ / 30ML

Ideal if you need more solution to perfectly blend your new touch up paint.

Chipex Polish 2 FL OZ / 65ML

The finishing touch on perfect paintwork.

Ultra Precise Car Paint Touch Up Microbrushes

Ideal for delicate or difficult areas.


Chipex® Ultra Soft Paint Removal Cloth

Use in conjunction with Chipex blending solution to remove excess paint.

Ultra Glide Microfibre Aftercare Cloth

Perfect adding a little extra shine to your paintwork repairs.

Touch Up Kit – Tricoat

Chipex® has perfected automotive touch up paint that is a factory match to your car and it couldn’t be easier to apply.


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