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Chevrolet Cruze Touch Up Paint

Introducing our revolutionary product, Chevrolet Cruze Touch Up Paint by Chipex®, the perfect solution for those bothersome paint scratches on your cherished vehicle. With precise engineering and innovative technology, this exceptional product guarantees to rejuvenate your Cruze, providing a flawless finish that eliminates any trace of scratches.

What truly sets Chipex® apart from the competition is our unrivaled 100% color match guarantee. We ensure a seamless blend with your Cruze's original color by precisely matching the paint provided to your vehicle's specific color code. Say goodbye to unsightly imperfections as Chipex® gives you the perfect match every time.

100% Color Match Guarantee


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Abalone White Pearl

140X; 487B; 90; G1W; G1W-140X; GP7; H2V; WA140X; WA487B

Abalone White Pearl

140X; G1W; G1W-140X; H2V; WA140X

Abalone White Pearl 5

487B; 90; GP7; WA487B


598F; WA598F

Atlantis Blue Metallic

106V; GWY; WA106V

No Swatch Available
Atlantis Blue Metallic


Aztec Gray Metallic

764U; GVE; WA764U

Berlin Blue Metallic

122V; GXH; WA122V


0848; 19N; 848; WA848


41; 41A; 41U; 672; 8555; GBA; WA672; WA8555


41; 41U; 672; 8555; GBA; WA672; WA8555

Black Meet Kettle Metallic

384A; GB8; WA384A

Black Meet Kettle Metallic 3

506B; GB0; WA506B

Black Meet Kettle Metallic 4

22Y; 384A; 507B; GB8; GB9; L22Y; WA384A; WA507B

Blue Me Away Metallic

388A; GD1; WA388A

Blue Me Away Metallic 2

468B; G8P; WA468B

Blue Persuasion Metallic

413B; GGB; WA413B

Blue Persuasion Metallic – 3/Blue Persuasion Metallic 3

415B; GI1; WA415B

Blue Ray Metallic

189X; G54; WA189X

Blue Sapphire Metallic

343X; G6H; WA343X

Blue Steel Metallic

424C; G35; WA424C

Burning Hott Metallic

425B; 513B; 55; GGQ; GS9; WA425B; WA513B

Burning Hott Metallic

425B; GGQ; WA425B

Burnished Brandy Metallic

406Y; G1F; WA406Y

Burnt Coconut Metallic

476A; GD8; L159; WA476A

Carbon Flash Metallic

04Y; 501Q; 58; 58U; 693R; GAR; GAR-501Q; WA501Q

Champagne Silver Metallic

102V; GWT; WA102V

Cherry Bomb Pearl 1

252F; 300F; GPM; GSK; WA252F; WA300F

Chili Red Metallic

769U; GVK; WA769U

Chili Red Pearl

1IU; 294


413C; G16; WA413C

Crystal Claret Tintcoat

505Q; 551Q; 89; 89U; GBE; WA505Q; WA551Q

Crystal Claret Tintcoat

505Q; 551Q; 89; GBE; WA505Q; WA551Q

Cyber Gray Metallic

57; 57U; 618J; 618U; 637R; GBV; WA618J; WA618U; WA637R

Dark Labyrinth Metallic

62; 707S; GGW; WA707S

Daydream Beige Metallic

892T; GOZ; WA892T

Deep Espresso Brown Metallic

204V; GYO; WA204V

Deep Forest Metallic

467Y; GX6; WA467Y

Deep Sky Metallic

167V; 22S; GWJ; L22S; WA167V

Desert Beige Metallic

770U; 83; GVL; WA770U

Edible Berries Metallic 5

510B; 92; GR6; WA510B

Evolution Blue Metallic

19C; 33; 718S; GGU; WA718S


187V; GWQ; WA187V

Flame Red Metallic

06U; 403N; 660R; GQV; WA403N; WA660R

Galaxy Silver Metallic

12; 12U; 519F; GIY; WA519F

Galaxy White

11U; 143L; 26U; GCB; WA143L

Gasoline Metallic

339; 399A; 457B; 460B; 80; GO6; GP4; GPA; WA339A; WA399A; WA457B; WA460B

Gasoline Metallic

339; 399A; 457B; GO6; GPA; WA339A; WA399A; WA457B

Gasoline Metallic 2

457B; 460B; 80; GP4; GPA; WA457B; WA460B

Gasoline Metallic 2

457B; GPA; WA457B

Glory Red Metallic 2

434B; GPJ; WA434B

Glory Red Metallic 2

434B; GPJ; WA434B

Glory Red Metallic 2/Glory Red Metallic 5

434B; 505B; 91; GC1; GPJ; WA434B; WA505B

Gold Mist Metallic

316N; 51; 51U; GAO; WA316N

Granada Black Mica

19U; 242L; 83L; WA242L

Gunsmoke Gray Metallic

891T; GQK; WA891T

Havana Metallic

439C; G2X; WA439C

Imperial Blue Metallic

37; 37U; 403P; GAP; WA403P

Iridium Metallic

121V; GXG; WA121V

Light Gold Metallic


Limited Addiction Red Pearl

405Y; G1E; WA405Y

Limited Addiction Red Pearl

405Y; G1E; WA405Y

Lotus Green Pearl

39; 768U; GVB; WA768U

Luxo Blue Metallic

04Y; 19; 933L; GTS; WA933L

Macaw Blue Metallic

30; 765U; GVD; WA765U

Mars Stone Metallic

341X; G6C; WA341X

Mineral Oil Blue Metallic

749U; GUF; WA749U

Misty Lake Metallic

683R; GCW; WA683R

Moroccan Blue Metallic

682R; GCT; WA682R

Mystic Moonlight Blue Metallic

207V; GYK; WA207V

Noblesse Metallic

162V; 41E; GWE; WA162V

Old Blue Eyes Metallic

410Y; 489B; G1M; GQ3; WA410Y; WA489B

Old Blue Eyes Metallic

410Y; G1M; WA410Y

Olympic White

50; 50U; 8624; GAZ; GAZ-8624; GCZ; WA8624

Paprika Red Metallic

421P; GFT; WA421P

Pearl Black


Pepper Red

771U; 82; GVM; WA771U

Pepperdust Metallic 2

441B; 442B; GH1; GMU; WA441B; WA442B

Pepperdust Metallic 2

441B; 814S; GJM; GMU; L40W; WA441B; WA814S

Pepperdust Metallic 2

441B; GMU; WA441B

Pewter Gray Metallic

684R; GCV; WA684R

Poly Silver Metallic

246L; 92U; GCY; WA246L

Pow Zinga Metallic

327E; GLT; WA327E

Power Red

270M; 50B; GBH; WA270M

Presidio Non Metallic 1

173H; GTB; WA173H

Pull Me Over Red

130X; 497B; G7C; G7C-130X; GG2; WA130X; WA497B

Pull Me Over Red

130X; G7C; G7C-130X; WA130X

Red Bean Smoothie Metallic

469Y; GX9; WA469Y

Red-E Or Not Red Metallic 3

431B; 514B; 52; GL8; GX8; WA431B; WA514B

Red-E Or Not Red Metallic 3

431B; GL8; WA431B

Rusk Gray Metallic

767U; 96; GVJ; WA767U

Sanddrift Gray Metallic

437N; 79U; GKB; WA437N

Satin Steel Gray Metallic

205V; 464C; 500B; G9K; GIR; GYM; WA205V; WA464C; WA500B

Satin Steel Gray Metallic

205V; GYM; WA205V

Satin Steel Gray Metallic 3

464C; 500B; G9K; GIR; WA464C; WA500B

Satin Steel Metallic 5

502B; 85; GF8; WA502B

Seeker Metallic

617D; 688D; 700D; G08; G6O; GO8; GS2; WA617D; WA688D; WA700D

Seeker Metallic

617D; G6O; WA617D

Seeker Metallic 5

688D; 700D; G08; GO8; GS2; WA688D; WA700D

Seraph Orange Metallic

715S; GGT; WA715S

Slipstream Blue Metallic

402A; GO5; WA402A

Smokey Eye Gray Metallic

748U; GUE; WA748U

Son of a Gun Gray Metallic

139X; G7Q; WA139X

Sonoma Jewel Metallic

412P; 66; GCE; WA412P

Space Blue Metallic

24; 819P; 819T; GLF; WA819P; WA819T

Spectrus Gray Metallic

763U; GVF; WA763U

Stealth Gray Metallic

04Y; 46; 46U; 836; 928L; G56; WA928L

Stealth Gray Metallic

46; 46U; 836; 928L; G56; WA928L

Super Red

238L; 71U; 73L; GGE; WA238L

Switchblade Silver Metallic

17; 17U; 636R; 8636; GAN; GAN-636R; WA636R

Syracuse Mk III Metallic/Syracuse Mkiii Pearl Metallic

988K; G1Z; GIZ; WA988K

Syracuse Mkiii Pearl Metallic

988K; G1Z; GIZ; WA988K

Tin Roof Rusted Metallic

138X; G7P; WA138X

Torch Red

70; 70U; 9075; GKZ; WA9075

Unripened Green Metallic

136X; G7J; WA136X

Velvet Red Metallic

681R; GCS; WA681R

Victory Red

5T4; 74; 74U; 9260; GCN; WA9260

Vintage White Solid

304X; 79; G5R; WA304X

Waterworld Metallic

812S; GEU; WA812S

Wyeth Metallic

623D; GE0; WA623D


It is really easy to repair your paintwork. Just click on your color from the options above and order from us today. We’ll send you everything you need to repair your paintwork along with clear instructions on how to achieve a perfect finish.

With our convenient year filter, finding the ideal color match has never been easier. Simply select the corresponding product specifically designed for your Cruze model, eliminating any guesswork or frequent trips to the auto shop. Chipex® has simplified the process, offering you confidence and convenience all in one.

Do not let scratches mar the beauty of your Cruze any longer. Trust in Chipex® Chevrolet Cruze Touch Up Paint to deliver impeccable results, giving your vehicle a flawless finish that will impress even the most discerning eye. So, why wait? Pamper your Cruze and restore its pristine appearance with Chipex® Touch Up Paint today. Remember to use our special keyword "Chevrolet Cruze Touch Up Paint" for optimal results.

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