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How to use a Chipex car scratch repair kit

Walking out to my newly-purchased Lexus LS 400 one morning, it wasn’t until I was a few feet away that I realized someone had run a knife-edge across two of the doors. One of them very deeply.

It wasn’t a new car. It wasn’t even expensive, merely a 1998 model costing less than £2,000. However, it had been machine polished until the fleck in the Astral Black paint reflected deeply and as good as it would have done in the showroom when originally sold.

The long paint scratch on my LS 400 came just one day after it had been polished. It was a car that I had immense pride in. If you’ve ever had this done to your vehicle, especially one that you love, this sort of unwarranted, cruel attack feels completely personal.

The same goes for when a supermarket trolley has scraped your car, or perhaps someone has caught your bodywork as they pull out of a space and then driven off.

Whatever the scenario, once the initial shock and annoyance passes, it’s time to do something about the damage. Keep reading to find out how to repair car paint scratches using the Chipex touch up paint repair kits.

Does touch up paint work on scratches

Yes, touch up paint works exceptionally well on car paint scratches and chips. The Chipex car touch up paint is a revolutionary new repair solution that’s available for all makes and models of car. From Ford and BMW to Aston Martin and Lamborghini, Chipex offers spectacular results and is the best option on the market for road rash.

Cost vs practicality: Weighing up the damage

If your car’s paintwork has been really deeply scratched, you may need to have that panel resprayed. That can be a costly job and if money is tight or your car isn’t much to begin with that may not be the right option.

So, the next stage is to look at having the scratch repaired by a company specializing in paint chips and scratches. This again can be costly and will likely cost between £80 – £100 depending on the company, and even then, you may not receive perfect results.

Another option is to ask a high-end detailer for a quote on how much it will be to machine polish the area, in the hope, it will polish out. Depending on the individual and the damage, you’re normally looking around the £50 – £120 mark.

If the scratch is light enough, it will be possible to use a machine polisher and the Chipex car paint touch-up kit. More often than not, it’s a case of ‘reduce’ over ‘complete repair’ if it’s an especially deep cut into the paint. The Chipex kit does an excellent job of blending the damage into the rest of the panel, making it far less noticeable than it would be by using a traditional touch-up kit.

Deep scratches vs surface scratches

Light scratches that touch the surface of the top paint layer can severely impact the visual aesthetics of the car. Making the paint finish look neglected and worn. Light scratches can normally be fixed quickly and easily with car touch-up paint. While the scratch can’t be removed completely, using a touch-up kit will significantly reduce its appearance, making it almost impossible for the human eye to see. You’ll know it’s only a light scratch if it seems to have just removed the clearcoat over the top of the paint.

Deeper scratches, however, are trickier to fix. If you run your finger over the scratch and it feels as thick as a piece of paper, this suggests that the damage, while deep, is still fixable. The Chipex touch-up paint repair kit can fix particularly deep chips and scratches by repeating the process several times and gradually increasing the paint layer by layer. If the scratch feels like a ridge and even reveals the metal beneath the paint, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

How to repair a paint scratch yourself

Repairing the paint scratch yourself can be a relatively easy task if you follow the below tips.

Firstly, let’s get that nasty gouge reduced. For this, you’ll need access to a machine polisher. If you’ve not used a machine polisher before, ask someone with experience to help you with the job. Machine polishing can easily damage the paintwork further if misused.

If you feel competent enough to use a machine polisher, still be wary and take a good look at the scratch first. If they’ve used a sharp instrument, such as a knife-edge, the scratch should be a clean, narrow ‘V’ in the paint, with no rough edges. If they’ve used a key, it’s almost always worse, as the scratch will be wide, with rough edges.

If the scratch has rough edges, be wary of the paint pulling or flaking as you machine polish the area. You may want to start by hand-polishing to smooth out the rough areas.

Hopefully, after a few passes with the polisher, the mark will have significantly diminished enough to be barely visible. If this isn’t the case, then it’s time to try a Chipex paint repair system.

How to apply touch up paint to car scratches

Using the Chipex car touch-up repair paint kit is a lot simpler than you may think.

  1. The first step is to prepare the car. Ensure the surface being treated has been thoroughly cleaned and dried before the application and that all the wax/polish has been removed.
  2. Apply the touch-up car paint onto the damaged surface using the Chipex paint applicator brush. If your car has suffered from road rash, then put the paint on a gloved finger and smear it across the area. The drying time of the paint can vary from anywhere between 40 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the temperature and the quantity of paint.
  3. Once the touch-up car paint is touch dry, apply a small amount of blending solution to a paper cloth and gently run it across the surface to remove any excess paint.
  4. When the panel surface is dry, apply some finishing polish to a microfibre cloth and run gently across the painted areas. Allow this to dry and haze, then remove the haze with a clean part of the cloth

Repairing/reducing a paint scratch using a Chipex paint repair system

Chipex is an international company that gives a 100% color match guarantee and are trusted by thousands of previous users. They are even the official suppliers to the Morgan Motor Company.

Firstly, you’ll need to choose your paint. To do this you’ll need to find your color code so the paint matches exactly, which you can do using our helpful tool.

You can also use the drop-down menus to find your vehicle make, model, and paint name. However, if you need help at any point please feel free to contact the friendly team at Chipex and they’ll be happy to help.

By using our cost-effective touch-up paint, the scratches and chips on your car will be almost completely invisible, and your car will look great once more!

Scratch repair before and after

Take a look at some of the best Chipex to touch up repair paint before and after pictures we’ve received from our satisfied customers to get a clearer idea of how Chipex can work for you.

What our customers are saying about our car paint scratch repair kit

The majority of our customers have achieved seamless, expert results at an affordable price with Chipex. Just read what they have to say.

Written by Chris Davies – an award-winning motoring journalist writing for CarProductsTested.com


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