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Fiat B Cuve Touch Up Paint

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100% Color Match Guaranteed Touch Up Kit for your Fiat B Cuve.

A paint color match guarantee for all makes and models

Seamless, professional results thanks to the high-grade blending and polishing solutions

Clear, simple and user-friendly instructions

A complete set of accessories

Three sizes to choose from

The problem of stone chips and road rash

Road rash is the damage that stone chips and grit cause to vehicles when they fly up off the road and hit their bodywork, leaving an unpleasant rash’ of paint scratches.

What is Chipex Fiat B Cuve Touch up Paint?

Chipex Fiat B Cuve Touch up Paint is the most effective and affordable treatment for road rash currently on the market.

Fiat B Cuve Color Codes Chart

Find the color paint code for your Fiat B Cuve by the year of your car and enter it in our touch up paint color code finder to find your perfect Chipex touch up paint color match.

Why is Chipex™ better than traditional methods?

Chipex offers a unique color match guarantee by synchronising the paint it provides with the color code of your vehicle.

Chipex™ is perfect for those with less experience of DIY, because of the clear instructions, ready-to-apply paint and complete set of accessories included in every kit.

Chipex™’ seamless, stunning finish makes paint scratches vanish and full resprays unnecessary.

Repairs by professional paint scratch repair companies are much more expensive than Chipex, yet no more effective.

How to Use Touch Up Car Paint

Find out more about how to use touch up paint for Fiat B Cuve

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