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Rapid Rescue Odor Neutralizer for all unwanted car odors - 25oz

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Odors are a common major problem in many areas. Some competitor products contain fragrances that mask the unwanted odor only to return and the problem to remain.

Rapid Rescue is different. This innovative product relies on a natural, safe green biological action in synergy with the latest available chemical odor counteractants available from the global marketplace to efficiently remove the odor at the source.

Rapid Rescue contains friendly non-pathogenic microbes that produce enzymes that degrade organic matter, such as proteins and fatty acids, that are the route cause of most malodours. The slow breakdown of these materials would otherwise create unwanted malodor, which is therefore not possible and prevented at source - hence a Rapid Rescue is achieved.

Rapid Rescue is fast-acting, safe on all surfaces. It can be used on most common everyday spillages including pet odors/soils, baby sickness, and foodstuff spillages - such as putrified milk.

Application - Spray wipe left to act to reinstate fresh air