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Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling Windshield Wash 32oz

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Our super-concentrated rain-repelling windshield wash will stop you dreading rainy days. It will clean your windshield superbly, stop rainwater building up, and keep it free from markings and bad visibility. It will reduce glare, stop your wipers squeaking and acts as an anti-freeze to -2°C - it covers all bases!

Using biodegradable water repelling technologies, our Aquaphobic windshield wash acts fast to bead together water droplets that then fly straight off your screen - you’ll see what we mean when you see it! It also conditions your windshield and wiper blades and prevents any debris from sticking, which keeps your windscreen free from distractions, meaning you can drive safely, whatever the weather!

  • Actively repels rain from the windshield
  • Delivers clear vision in any weather, day or night
  • Anti-freeze to -2°C
  • Removes smears and other markings

A screen wash that cleans and repels rainwater from the windshield whilst also conditioning your windshield and wipers.

  • Removes Bird droppings
  • Conditions Wiper Blades to prevent squeaking
  • Improved Reaction time in rain due to improved visibility
  • Safer, more relaxed driving in the rain
  • Deep cleaning technology to clean windshields thoroughly
  • Reconditions the windshield glass and the wiper blades to eliminate noise
  • Rain drops will ‘bead away’ on contact with the windshield at speeds of 40mph +
  • Prevents debris sticking to the windshield
  • Super-concentrated formula
  • One 32oz bottle of the high concentrate formula does 7 refills, with is a water reservoir of 5L



  1. Prior to use, thoroughly clean windshield with shampoo or glass cleaner
  2. For your first use - for a typical 5 litre wash bottle simply add 250ml of Aquaphobic Screen wash to your windshield wash bottle
  3. For future refills, the amount of screen wash added can be reduced to 125ml

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