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Drive Safely in Heavy Rain with Chipex Car Screenwash For Your Windshield

What is the best windshield wash? Traditionally, a car windshield wash does one or both of the following; cleans the screen and stops smearing, plus keep the water in the bottle from freezing over in colder weather. However, there's now a windscreen washer that does both of those things, as well as stopping water from building up on the glass; Chipex Aquaphobic windshield wash.

Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash is a concentrated windshield wash that covers all the bases as an anti-freeze product and a water-repellent. It may seem obvious to state this, but as any driver knows, it's essential to see clearly out of your car's windscreen. Often you'll see cars driving about with bug-splattered windscreens in summer and smeary, perma-dirty screens in winter. In summer, a windscreen covered in sticky bug carcasses makes for bad smearing; the grime then builds up, making vision even worse. In winter, constant bombardment from the water coming off salted roads means it's tough to keep the glass clean. Add to that the freezing temperatures, low sun, snow, and rain, and your journey quickly turn into one that is highly stressful and tiring from hard concentration and one which is more dangerous. The majority of windshield wash products only clean the glass, but Aquaphobic Screenwash sets itself apart by adding water repellant to the glass each time you use the sprayers! What are the benefits of a hydrophobic windshield wash? A front windscreen only ever cleaned by normal windshield wash - or detergent as some drivers like to use - means that the glass may be clean, but there are no 'anti-stick properties added.

Each time you use your windscreen washers, Chipex Screenwash deep-cleans the glass, gets rid of annoying smears and easily removes road grime and bird-dirt, and at the same time adds an invisible layer of protection which stops bugs and dirt from becomings stuck to the glass. Now, instead of rainwater pooling on the glass and covering it completely, as the rain lands, it is immediately displaced into droplets, allowing visibility to become far better, and at 40 miles-per-hour and above, the rain will bead up and glide off the screen, means less use of your wipers, much-improved visibility, better reaction times and decreased stress on journeys. It also stops that annoying squeaking wiper blades make on dirty glass. For colder weather, it also has anti-freeze ingredients, keeping your washer jets flowing down to 23 degrees.

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